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Nala Ankara Print Bangle by Rosesgems Boutique
Nala Ankara Print Bangle by Rosesgems Boutique

Nala Ankara Print Bangle

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Get ready to unleash your colorful side with our Nala Ankara Print Bangle Bracelet. Trust me, you're in for a treat you won't regret!

Let's talk colors, honey! This bangle is like a party on your wrist, with contrasting shades of blue, pink, and yellow dancing together in perfect harmony. It's the backdrop to a masterpiece, making those colors pop like fireworks in the night sky.

Nala isn't just any bangle she's 100% handmade by talented artisans in Nigeria, so you're not just wearing an accessory; you're celebrating African craftsmanship and culture.

Nala's connection to Africa lies within the Ankara fabric in which she is wrapped. Ankara is the soul of African clothing and Nala gives you the chance to add a piece of this stunning heritage to your outfit for the perfect Afro fusion complement. But hey! her features go way beyond the craftmanship and colors of her print;

- Lightweight

-100% handmade by artisans in Nigeria

- Wooden bangle covered with 100% Ankara print fabric (Nala is made directly from cut Ankara fabric so design may vary slightly)

Now I'm telling you the Nala bangle is going to be your colourful bestie. Wear her to brunch, a beach party, or just when you want to add some zing to your everyday look. Pair her with your favorite dress, denim , or whatever your heart desires. The best part? Is you're not just wearing a bangle; you're wearing a piece of vibrant African tradition. Get ready to shine, babe!