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Kendi Wax Print African Headwrap | Rosesgems Boutique
Kendi Wax Print African Headwrap | Rosesgems Boutique

Kendi Ankara Print Headwrap

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Did someone mention a headwrap? Well, here's Ms. "Kendi" the ultimate crown for embracing the beauty of tradition and African culture!

Kendi Wax Print Headwrap is more than just fabric; it's a canvas of vibrant Ankara prints that echo the rhythms of Nigeria. This headwrap is an ode to the creativity and spirit of African culture with the colourful expression it displays.

Crafted from 100% cotton sourced entirely in Nigeria, Kendi embodies the rich traditions and heritage of the continent. It's not just a headwrap; it's a piece of Nigeria's soul and she has so much more to give;

- 100% Cotton

- Ankara print

- 100% sourced in Nigeria

- Dimensions 22x70 inches

With her red and yellow contrasting tones and the monochrome black and white print, Kendi is a captivating interplay of colors that add depth and dimension to your style. For Kendi represents the strength, elegance, and resilience of the African spirit. She's a symbol of our roots and a bold declaration of your African heritage. Embrace the homeland with Ms. Kendi and let your style reign supreme!