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Ode Black Batik Tote Bag | Rosesgems Boutique
Ode Black Batik Tote Bag | Rosesgems Boutique

Ode Batik Tote Bag

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Get ready to slay the day with Ode black batik Tote bag – a bag that's tote-ally made for you and ready to add a touch of subtle Afro chic to your every errands! This bad girl not only flaunts lavish textures but also boasts a batik middle panel, giving you that extra oomph.

Featuring vegan leather straps, Ode is all about that cruelty-free chic. Inside, you've got a triple compartment interior – yes, you heard right! Ode isn't just your average tote bag; she's a spacious companion for all your essentials. Stay organized and slay effortlessly!

Rocking a batik fabric middle panel, Ode is a celebration of African print culture. It's not just fashion; it's a nod to your roots, making every step you take a cultural statement. Crafted 100% by the hands of Nigerian artisans she's got all the cultural vibes to make your heart and soul happy.

Wrapped up in a suede-like fabric, Ode isn't just a tote handbag she's got so much more;

- Vegan leather straps

- Middle inside zipper

- Double button closure

- Batik fabric

- 100% made by artisans in Nigeria

- Dimensions about (from the straps) 23 x 13.5 inch

- Suede like fabric

So, if you're ready to flaunt that afro fusion style, the Ode Batik Tote Bag is calling your name. She's so far from just an accessory; she's a bold declaration of your style, your roots, and your unapologetic confidence. Get ready to slay, babe!