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Sanaa Blue Batik African Headwrap | Rosesgems Boutique
Sanaa Blue Batik African Headwrap | Rosesgems Boutique

Sanaa Blue Pre-Tied Batik Headwrap

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Headwrap season is never-ending, and we've got the perfect solution for those "no bad hair day" vibes – the Sanaa Blue Batik Headwrap. Made with love by artisans in Nigeria, this pre-tied headwrap is more than just an accessory; it's your style savior.

Sanaa is not your average headwrap; she's a masterpiece created by skilled artisans in Nigeria. With every wear, you're supporting their dedication to African craftsmanship and creativity. Her contrasting blue hues scream elegance and playfulness in one sleek knot so you never have to worry about getting the perfect wrap.

Sanaa showcases the intricate art of batik dyeing, a technique that's as colorful and dynamic as the African culture it represents. It's not just a headwrap; it's a work of art. So lets sum her up;

- 100% made by artisans in Nigeria

- 100% Batik fabric

- Pre-tied

- Fits up to a size large

Don't let a bad hair day get you down; instead, crown yourself with this headwrap and embrace the elegance, culture, and confidence she represents. Wearing an African inspired headwrap; it's a statement of your beauty and resilience, always ready to elevate your style