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Zuri Blue Wood & Brass Bangle by Rosesgems Boutique
Zuri Blue Wood & Brass Bangle by Rosesgems Boutique

Zuri Blue Wood & Brass Bangle

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It's time to get bold and beautiful with our Zuri Blue Wooden & Brass Bangle Bracelet. This baby is here to take your style game to a whole new level!

Girl you are going to love the stunning blue hue of the Zuri wooden bangle, standing out like a star against your warm skin. She's a burst of confidence wrapped around your wrist.... Now, let's talk about that pattern etched into the design adding texture and interest unlike levelling up your outfit. And those brass embellishments? They're the glue that marries the wood and the blue together, adding a touch of sophistication and glam. But her features don't just stop with her looks, Zuri is;

- Medium Weight

- Solid Wood

- Brass Accents

Where would you wear Zuri, you ask? Darling, the possibilities are endless! Rock her at brunch with your besties, flaunt it at a summer party, or make it the star of your afro chic look. Style it with denim, dresses, or whatever makes you feel fabulous. Zuri is here to make sure you shine like the star you are, and trust me, you'll turn heads everywhere you go!

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